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We met on the very first day of University where we both studied Television Production back in 2011! After University we both worked in the TV Industry for a while before taking a year out to explore South East Asia where we started making travel films together. When we came back it was our shared enjoyment of finding and capturing life stories on film, travel and meeting new people that inspired us to make the jump into the world of wedding videography. It was the best decision we ever made! 



Now we have grown into a small team of passionate videographers and photographers who snap natural, artistic shots and create personal, authentic wedding films that are unique to each couple. We capture the day's passion, emotion and humour then tie it all together into a cinematic, handcrafted film for you and your loved ones to timelessly share and enjoy.

On the big day itself we always take a relaxed and unobtrusive approach to documenting your wedding. We like to blend in and film all the special moments of the day as they naturally unfold and we use super discreet equipment to do so.

We both live in Brighton and we offer a free consultation (chat and a cuppa/beer/both) to anyone in the local area, let us know if you'd like to meet us! If you’re not in the area - not to worry. You might miss out on the beer but we’ll still come and film your wedding! Our passports are always ready to go so we're happy to travel anywhere in the UK and beyond.



I first started making films at school with a rag tag group of friends, an old family DV tape camcorder and a props department made entirely of recycled cardboard collected from underneath Tesco Supermarket tills.

When I'm not filming or editing films you’ll likely find me tinkering in the garage using old shipping pallets to make wobbly furniture. Videography is quite a physical job too so rock climbing and squash keep me able to climb walls for that perfect shot or dart from bride to groom prep without you noticing.



I first started making films when I was at school, I would make music videos in my lounge using the computer webcam and borrow a school camcorder to make horror films on the weekends. I've had my heart set on creating films and taking creative photos ever since!

When I'm not making films or finding foliage to take photos through, you'll likely find me baking something quadruple chocolatey, rolling out the yoga matt or cuddling up to watch Jane the Virgin with the rescue pup Buddy.

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