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  • How far in advance should we book with you?
    Once you have booked your venue you should ideally be thinking about booking your photographer and videographer to avoid any disappointment. Our books are currently open for 2020, 2021 and 2022 weddings!
  • Can we watch examples of your 30 minute feature films?
    Yes of course :) just let us know and we'll send you some examples!
  • Do you offer drone footage?
    We sure do! We’d love to get some amazing arial footage on your wedding day providing we have permission from the wedding venue and CAA and the weather conditions are safe on the day.
  • Do you offer any weekday discount?
    Afraid not, we don’t offer any weekday discount as we always put the same amount of time and effort into each and every film whether the wedding day itself is on a weekend, weekday or bank holiday. The costs of our equipment, overheads, insurance and labour is all factored into the pricing of our packages which we believe to be very fair.
  • How do you record sound?
    We use small, discreet Lavalier clip on mics which we clip on the groom during the ceremony to pick up clear audio of the vows. During your speeches we mic up each speaker and throughout the day we use a range of backup audio recorders and camera mics.
  • Will we notice you on the day?
    We always aim to be as unobtrusive as possible whilst still being there to capture all of the events throughout the day. We will never direct you to do anything as we believe the more natural our footage is, the more representative it is of you as a couple. Most couples do comment on the fact they hardly noticed us on the day and we have even been referred to as “ninjas with cameras” :)
  • How will you work alongside my photographer?
    We offer a film & photo package which may work for you! If you'd just like to book us for videography then read on :) We believe photographers and videographers should compliment one another. Not on each other’s new lens or blazer but in a working together kind of way! We love meeting new photographers on a weekly basis and our relaxed approach to filming allows the photographer’s particular style of shooting to shine through as if we weren’t even there. We see photographers as new colleagues and we’ve even become good friends with many of the wonderful togs we’ve met along the way.
  • Are you happy to travel? Do you charge expenses?
    We film weddings all around the UK and we’re more than happy to travel! We include 150 miles (each way) free of charge from our base in Brighton and after this we charge expenses per mile. If the wedding exceeds a 2 hour journey each way then we kindly ask for accommodation. We also offer elopement and destination coverage, just get in touch and we'll send over more details!
  • Do you require food on the day?
    Yes please! As we are with you for the majority of the day and are unable to leave the premises, we do ask that you provide us with a meal. Usually if you ask your venue/catering staff about vendor meals they will provide you with some options or we will happily order something off a bar menu if this is more convenient.
  • What music do you use?
    For your Highlight Film we will purchase the licences for the music tracks used within your film. This is included within the package price. For the full wedding film we ask for up to 6 songs of your choice. We can’t promise that they’ll all make it into the film but it will give us plenty of options in the edit.
  • How long will it take to receive my wedding films?
    Creating your films takes time, love and patience. We will spend hours upon hours going through your footage selecting the best shots and finding those magical moments. We then spend time piecing the story together with audio recorded from the day as well as music. We will then screen the films to each other to make sure we are happy with them before colour correcting every single shot. During busy periods we ask to allow up to 14 weeks to receive the links to your finished films but we always try our best to get them over to you as soon as possible. Photos are a little quicker - we deliver them within 4-6 weeks of the wedding.
  • How will we receive our final films?
    We’ll first send you Vimeo links to both your Feature Film (if you’ve chosen our full package) and Highlight Film and once you've confirmed you're happy with everything we'll get all your films packaged and posted out to you in a lovely USB presentation box.
  • Can we ask for changes to the films?
    Once we’ve sent you the links to your Highlight Film and Feature film you can let us know if there are any small changes you’d like us to make before we post them out to you. If once we have made these changes, you would like more changes made, we will charge our daily rate for editing and won’t be able to guarantee a quick turn around.
  • Do you also do photography?
    Yes! We do an all day film and photo package. Get in touch and we'll send over more details.
  • Do you film all types of ceremonies?
    Yes of course :) we have experience filming a wide range of wedding ceremonies including Hindu, Jewish, Humanist, Chinese tea ceremonies and many more! Just let us know if you have any questions!
  • How do we book with you?
    Once you've found out we're available for your date and you'd like to secure it with us (yay!), booking takes 2 simple steps - a completed booking form and a 20% deposit which can all be done online.


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